Industrial Air Coolers are huge evaporative air coolers applicable for use for areas greater than 1000 sq.ft which now includes a variety of homes and addresses. For example, air cooling in warehousing is an important application of Industrial Air Cooler because of the superior cooling at lower cost option it offers. Not all industries are able to afford the high cost of air conditioning, which is why this new form of evaporative air cooling systems is now starting to get more and more effective. We have explained the working of how they operate and now we will cover the various places where they can be installed and the advantages of opting for air-cooling systems.

1Assembly Section2Airport Hanger3Auto Industry4Banquet Hall5Bakery
6Bank7Canteen8Ceramics9Conference Hall10Conventions
11Camel Breeding12Film Studio13Food Processing14Green House15Gymnasiums
16Hospitals17Hotel18Kennels19Horse Breeding20Leather Industries
21Military Installation22Metallurgy23Machine Shop24Moulding Industries25Mosque
26Poultry Farm27Open Restaurant28Rubber Industry29Resorts & SPA30Service Station
31Stone Industry32Stadium33Kennels34Stage Show35Tiles Manufactures
36Tissue Culture37Under Ground Parking38Warehouse39Ships40Offset Printing Press
41School & College42Light & decorates43Cold Storage44Tent House45Zoo
Air Cooler Applications